Graham is originally from the Quad Cities, Moline, IL. He went to high school in Iowa, and competed in Track & Field at the University of Iowa where he was a 5-time Varsity Letter recipient, Academic All-Big Ten, Big Ten champion, and a 3-time National Qualifier.  In college, he double majored in History and Political Science with an emphasis on Pre-Law.

Graham Started with 600 Global in July of 2012 after his last year of college.  What attracted him to the company was its fast-paced, competitive, high-energy, positive environment, and potential for professional growth. Not wanting to settle for an average 9 to 5 clock in/clock out employee mentality, Graham wanted a place where his work ethic could directly affect his growth and results.

“You can’t be in an average position, with an average mindset, having average results, and expect to live an above average lifestyle.”

Graham has worked with four of our clients on three different campaigns, in three states, helping to start and grow offices in Arizona and Florida. Graham looks forward to where the company is headed in the next 20 years, and he is eager to can contribute to its growth and international expansion.