Our Culture

Big dreams drive extraordinary success. 600 Global is a place where ambitions are championed and success strategies are mapped out. An unwavering commitment to each employee’s achievements is the discernable impact the 600 Global team will make. As such, 600 Global promises a relentless commitment to teamwork and personal/professional success.

600 Global values diversity and innovative thinking. The company embraces a workplace that is rooted in drawing out the excellence within each employee, which is evident in the interviewing, training, coaching and mentoring process. The company is proud of the high staff retention rate, as it is a positive reflection of upholding a people-first company culture. Consultants are the company’s greatest asset, and a work/life balance is top priority.

Company events and social outings create a strong, collaborative work environment that nurtures a family-feel. Building a positive and productive connection between each employee doesn’t stop in-house, though. Connecting the 600 Global team to the community in which they live is achieved through regular civic involvement.

The 600 Global team works hard, but the opportunities to connect and deepen workplace relationships between co-workers and families is encouraged through office night outings and events on a weekly basis.


The 600 Global team is comprised of skilled and dedicated professionals who advance purely on merit and performance. Each member of management worked through the ranks, ensuring expertise is comprehensive and promotions are organic. Each employee is held to the same standard of excellence, which alleviates seniority and ensures equality.

Constant changes in technology provide many opportunities to improve business practices and impact a client’s bottom line. The company stays at the forefront of industry changes with regular training to consistently deliver the most effective solutions to clients. As a result, the team builds strong, long-term client relationships, which paves the way for new opportunities.